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Chrysalis Center DC & IPSapiens

Sterman Counseling & Assessment Building at 3 Washington Circle, in Washington DC
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Chrysalis Center for Mental Health and Wellness

The birth of The Chrysalis Center for Mental Health and Wellness emerges from the expertise and experiences of its founders, Ilana Sterman and Élison Santos, both Clinical Psychologists with a combined experience of over three decades in serving patients in various contexts. This center is the culmination of the integration of two esteemed institutions: The Sterman Counseling & Assessment, a renowned clinical psychology reference in DC for over 16 years, and the Institute Busca Sentido IPSapiens from Brazil, which offers graduate certificate training for mental health professionals worldwide.


The timing of Chrysalis’s establishment is especially significant. Mental health has emerged as an increasingly urgent and universal concern, both nationally and internationally. The staggering rates of suicide and suicide attempts, the pervasive presence of depression and anxiety, and the complex political and social challenges we face have underscored the critical need for comprehensive mental health support.

The Chrysalis Center is committed to innovation, evidence-based practices, and a client-centered philosophy. We offer comprehensive training programs, workshops, webinars, and conferences for mental health professionals, promoting growth and healing. Additionally, our diverse courses cater to parents, educators, adolescents, students, athletes, and the community at large, empowering individuals to thrive. Join us in fostering transformative change and prioritizing mental health for all.

Moreover, The Chrysalis Center is committed to fostering collaboration and partnerships within the mental health community. By forging connections with local organizations, universities, and research institutions, we strive to promote the exchange of knowledge, drive advancements in the field, and foster a network of support that extends beyond the confines of our center.

The Applied Psychology Institute Sapiens Search for Meaning aims to promote the development of psychology and logotherapy by combining clinical practice experience, academic research, and book publication. For over 15 years, the founders have worked together in clinical practice and in the development of courses in educational, organizational, and healthcare settings.

The work carried out by the founders has greatly influenced the institute's recognition in various parts of the country and internationally. The Busca Sentido publishing house was born with the publication of renowned authors in psychology, such as Claudio García Pintos from Argentina, Alexander Batthyány and Elisabeth Lukas from Austria, Guillermo Pareja Herrera from Mexico, and many others.

In addition to technical works focused on psychology and related fields, the publishing house now also works on publishing other literary genres such as novels, suspense, drama, and children's literature, all with the shared goal of offering readers quality content. Always! The IPSapiens Search for Meaning inaugurated the 2021 International Logotherapy Symposium, the first of its kind held in Brazil with speakers from around the world and innovative content. Building on this initiative, the founders created their own platform to offer online courses, starting with the International Advanced Course in Clinical Logotherapy, recognized by the Viktor Frankl Institute in Vienna, aimed at updating professionals in the field. Several other courses are being developed through international partnerships to promote knowledge without borders, enabling everyone to experience international education of high quality.

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