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Here are some of my work that has been published:

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Heroes of our existence

A book that speaks about the power of love in human life and how it can promote mental health and well-being. The book is available on


Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

This is the second volume of the Proceedings in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis of the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna and contains a chapter written by me and my colleague Andrés Antunes about Suicide Prevention in the work of Viktor Frankl. 

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What keeps you alive

This book speaks about the contributions of Logotherapy to suicide prevention and delves into some possible ways to deal with suicide ideation through accessing the capacity to love and self compassion. 


Children Around the World

The fourth book in the UN book series Behavioral Science in the Global Arena is entitled Children Around the World: The Future of Our Earth. There's a chapter authored by me and my colleague Ana Luiza Collagrossi about children and poverty.

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Suicide, studies and practices of prevention

This book brings a collection of studies about suicide prevention and has on chapter authored by me titled: "Logotherapy in Suicide Prevention: Nebulosities in Worldview and the Flirtation with Death."


Virtual Therapeutic Consultations

This book is a collection of studies on virtual mental health consultations and includes a chapter authored by me titled 'Psychology of Meaning'.

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The search for love

In this book I talk about the human natural search for love and it's influence in mental health.


A deconstruction of the Psychology

A paper that delves into the possibilities of updating psychological theories that have been applied worldwide and need to be adapted to the needs of the new generations.

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And life, what is it?

This book brings about 160 reflections about the meaning of life. 


Heroes of our Existence - Special Edition - Pandemic

This book brings some studies about the psychology of love and it's influences in human life throughout the covid-19 pandemic.

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