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Suicide Prevention & Logotherapy

The importance of Viktor Frankl's anthropology in the relationship he established with his patients is part of this research, perceiving each person as an unrepeatable being, a Unitas Multiplex, a bio-psycho-spiritual being, capable of self-distancing and self-transcendence, concepts that Frankl created at the beginning of his professional life and that matured throughout his work, allowing him to highlight the themes of freedom and responsibility in the care of his patients. Being the person's primary search for the meaning of life, Frankl became an assiduous critic of determinism and reductionism, despite his deep admiration for Freud and Adler, he discussed at a high level with their theories, establishing solid anthropological and scientific foundations for the development of logotherapy as a clinical approach. It was shown in this study that the logotherapeutic approach is becoming more and more current, either in the face of suicide cases, or in the face of the increase in cases of depression and other conditions that may be related to the existential emptiness and the feeling of meaninglessness of life.

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Suicide Prevention 

Where to find help:

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

National Institute of Mental Health


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