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Sports & Mental Health

Psychologist Elison Santos with a girls volleyball team for group therapy.
Doctor Elison Santos lecturing about sports and mental health

Group & Individual Therapy

The psychological dimensions of sports exert a constant influence on athletes, significantly impacting their performance both directly and indirectly. Effective management of the emotional fluctuations experienced by adolescent and youth athletes is pivotal in enabling them to unlock their full potential.

Through my work with female volleyball teams spanning the U15, U17, U19, and U21 age categories, I have garnered valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by these athletes, particularly within the context of female teams.

Utilizing group therapy sessions, I have facilitated the development of individual self-assurance and confidence, while concurrently fostering enhanced synergy and body awareness within the team. These interventions serve to fortify team cohesion and communication dynamics.

Offering psychological support at both the individual and group levels emerges as a crucial resource for any team, exerting a profound influence on performance outcomes. By promoting the mental well-being of athletes, such support fosters self-fulfillment and contributes to collective success.

The Athletes Say

Athlete and Volleyball Player Bruna Yumi, Setter
"As an athlete, working with Elison was transformative. He assisted me in gaining important mental skills like focus, which improved my performance dramatically. His interventions supported me in handling pressure, overcoming obstacles and achieving a balance between my personal and athletic lives. I’m grateful that he helped me reach my greatest potential in and outside of the court!"

Bruna Yumi, Setter

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